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PFP_ADDRLINE Artisan Error.

If you have come across and PFP_ADDRLINE error while doing a sale (mostly credit card sales) there is a simple fix for this.

  • Example: Error 12: Variable 'PFP_ADDRLINE' is not found. PFP_ADDR

Step 1: 

  • Fix the address field for your store/company
  • From Artisan Main Menu go to 6) System Administration => 1) Configuration Settings => 1) Business & Financial Settings => 1) Store Identification 
  • At the "Store Identification" screen make sure all fields are filled out. All fields are to have information.

Step 2: 

  • Save the settings and try the sale again. It should work fine. If not, contact technical support at (877) 723-7835 or via email at support@certek.com

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