Exporting Customer Lists for Emails
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Exporting Customer Lists for Bulk Emails

Get to the exporting menu by:

Main Menu => Customer Information => Customer Lists

Shorcut: ALT + F then E and select 1

Note: These instructions can be used to export other customer lists that you generate using different criteria. For example, you could export emails for customers whose birthdays take place on a given month, or customers whom have spent certain amount of money in a given time period.

We will create a new list called Email. Use F3 to add a new record. 

To create an email list you will only need to enter criteria into the email field. Using the @ sign in this field will select all customers with email information in their customer record.

You will see that the @ symbol is entered into the email field. By creating this list with no other criteria this list can be used over and over again to create customer lists for emailing. Now pick a name for the list and select Save.

The next screen you are presented with is the Customer List Actions. From here you can manage the customers in this list that you have generated. Our goal is to export this list so you will now select option 5) Export Customer List to a File.


Here you will choose the File Format to Export, the location where the file will export to and the fields you want to export. When exporting from Artisan to import into your email program you should investigate what format the email program will easily import. The TEXT format is the most basic file and can usually be imported into most programs easily.

When exporting for other reasons like creating mailing lists when a company is doing a bulk mailing for you, check with them to see what format they prefer. The .CSV (Comma delimited) format can be opened with Microsoft Excel if you wish to view and edit records before mailing.


From the pop up on the first field select the File Format you wish to use.

The default location for this file to be saved to is C:\Artisan\Customer.xxx (xxx = the file extension for the type of file you export). This file is easy to find, it is on the computer you are currently working on – open My Computer=>Local Disc (C:)=>Artisan. Your file is located in the Artisan folder unless you choose to change the location where you are saving it to.

Your next option is to select the fields you want to include in your export file. For this example we are creating an email list including the Name, so the only fields we want to include are the Name & Address and the Email. Mark both of these as Y. We will not be using the address but you can use the name when sending bulk emails through certain programs.

Now select Start and your file will be exported.

Info Item(s) deleted successfully.
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