Using Dropbox for Artisan Backups & Remote Syncing
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Dropbox is Cloud Storage, please watch the video on the website to learn more about how this works. Make sure you save your login information, this will allow you to access your Dropbox account from any computer with internet connection.

Sign Up and Download DropBox

1. Go to and download the Dropbox program.

2. Once DropBox is downloaded select Run to install the program.

3. Either create a new account or use the information from your existing account.

4. Select the 2 GB Free or if you would like more space you can sign up for more.

5. Select Advanced

6. Then select – I want to choose where to put my DropBox

  • Select Change
  • Click on Computer
  • Highlight “Local Disc C:\”
  • Select OK

7. The path should now read C:\DropBox

Finish Install

8. If you run through the tour you will get more free space or Skip tour to continue.

9. Finish

10. In the window that pops up right-click with your mouse and select New Folder.

  • Name this folder Artisan.
  • Within this folder create a new folder named "Backups".

11. You now have a folder in your DropBox for your Artisan Backups.

NOTE - If you use DropBox for your Artisan Remote syncing then add a folder inside the Artisan folder called Remotes. 

12. The last step is to find the DropBox icon on your Toolbar, . This will be next to the computers time clock. You may have a little arrow that points up or to the left, you may need to click on this to see the DopBox icon. click on it and select the gear at the top right. Now select the Bandwidth button and change the Upload Rate to Don’t Limit. Select Apply and then OK.

Return to your Artisan program and make a backup of your data (Tools=>Backup) for the directory path in Artisan type in C:\Dropbox\Artisan\Backup.

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