Artisan Interface with QuickBooks
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Artisan Interface with QuickBooks

Artisan sends daily sales summary information to QuickBooks via Intuit Interchange Files (.IIF). It sends sales summary information on a daily basis, but you can export for any time range you want. Often accountants choose to export once per week, but the information will still end up daily in QuickBooks.

The information sent is the COGS / Inventory Asset changes, Sales Totals (broken down by category, if you wish), deposit amounts go into UN-deposited funds where they can be automatically deposited or wait for you to manually approve each deposit. Deposits are broken down by deposit groups. Normal groups are Cash/Checks, Visa/MC, etc. 

You also get Sales Tax Payable, Accounts Receivable, and anything that is required to complete the accounting picture. You do not get individual inventory item records, as these are well maintained in Artisan.

The interface works well and is easy to maintain once setup. The file that is created can easily be emailed, sent over a network, or thumb drive. Setup usually takes about an hour and we can assist with this process with a scheduled appointment.

You will need to set up all the QB accounts in Artisan to be able to export correctly using the chart of accounts in QB.
System Administration=> Configuration Settings=> Business & Financial Settings=> Accounting Package Configuration (this site)

Below are images of all the screens for your accounting package setup. If you want to report by Category in QuickBooks you need to change the Allow Category Overrides to Y.




You can also find more useful information in both the Artisan POS Users Manual version 3.0 Chapter 10 and the Upgrade Manual Version 3.5 Chapter 3 starting on page 15. These can be found in the Help menu at the top of the screen in Artisan.

Please make a backup of QB before you do your first import, this will allow you to revert if the import is not correct.

To export from Artisan go to the File menu=>Export=>Export Sales Summaries to Accounting Package - try doing 1 day at a time, it is easier to find missing accounts or problems this way. Once you feel it is working correctly then you can do groups of days. 

Below is the navigation to the Export screen. You can select the date range for export in this screen, Artisan will remember the last day that you exported and will show the following date as the Start Date when you next go to export. The default location for the file is on your C:\ drive in the Artisan folder, you can change the location or file name but it is not necessary.




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