Exporting from Artisan POS for Management One OTB
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1From the File menu in Artisan select Export.

2 - Select 7) Advanced Sales Exports.

3 – Select 3) Export Sales Data to Management One for Open-To-Buy.

4You are now at the screen where will export from.

Report Month – this is the month & the year for the export.
PO Date Basis – pop-up menu shown on the right.
Filename or FTP Site – this is the location where the file will be exported to. This can be edited.
Company Master ID – this comes from Management One
Building/Store Number – this is only used if you have more than one site running Artisan.

                         PO Basis Options

NOTE – Once you have run the export once, all settings you have changed will be saved, the only field that may need to be edited is the Report Month. Once you have exported your file you will be able to find it on your computer in C:\Artisan\file name.txt

5 - Mid and End of Month Upload Instructions.

Mid-Month Upload Instructions

1. Client Login from www.management-one.com to your private account
2. Go to the "my office" tab
3. Click on or select "file upload" (second on list)
4. Capture the file created from your pos system using the browse. Double click on the file to load it to the box on the M1 screen.
5. Choose month to date & Hit submit
6. Click on data entry if you wish to review the data – do not finalize the plan on demand monthly progress upload
7. You can go directly to the report page at this point to prepare the plan on demand or class progress report
8. Prepare the plan on demand (contact your affiliate for the correct format to run by setting the radio buttons correctly) and/or class progress (enter the date that the ending date on the export file) report and submitting.
9. When you run the report, an icon will appear. Double click the icon and the report will come up on your screen.

End of Month Upload Instructions with POS Export File

1. Login to your Private Account
2. Go to the "MY OFFICE TAB" Page
3. Click on OR Select "FILE UPLOAD" (second choice)
4. Capture the file created from your POS system using the BROWSE . Double click on the file to load it to the box on the M1 screen.
6. Click on the Data Entry if you wish to review the data
7. When the data is correct, Finalize, this is the third choice on the My Office screen. You MUST Finalize EOM entries before processing can begin, all locations must be finalized.

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