Print Logo on Receipt Using Star TSP100 Printer
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Print Logo on Receipt Using Star TSP100 Printer

In order to set up your Star TSP100 to print your store's logo on the receipt you have to change some settings on your printer as well as in Artisan itself.

Step 1: 

  • Make sure you have your Star TSP100 connected to your computer with an USB cable and to power supply.
  •  Install the printer drivers and application software that came with the printer. 
  • These steps will work if using Printer Utility Software 5.5.0 or later, your printer should have come with a Installation CD or you could browse and download it from the manufacturer's website. 

IMPORTANT: when connecting this printer to your computer, make sure Power Cord and USB Cable are connected, otherwise, it will not power on.

Step 2:

  •  On your Windows computer go to Start => Devices and Printers => Browse for the Star TSP100, if you cannot see it here, you have not installed it yet. 
  • Right-click on the printer and select "Printer Properties"

Step 3:

  • On the printer preferences window, select the "TSP100 Config" tab.
  • Then click on the Launch Configuration Application option to open the application.

Step 4:

  • When you get the prompt on the picture below, select "Star Line Mode(default)"

Step 5:

  • On the Image List window, select "Add New"  on the right-hand side to add a new logo to printer. 
  • It will prompt you to choose the picture you want to use as the logo.
  • Browse you computer and "Open" it. The type of files supported are .bmp; .jpg; .jpeg; .gif.

Step 6:

  • On this step, you can edit some settings for your logo.
  • You can name it whatever you like.
  • Adjust the size in millimeters.
  • Adjust the Dither Method: set this to None.

Important: Dither Method should be set to None unless you know what this is about.

  • Once you have your image the way you like, click Test Print to see it on the receipt and if you like it then click Use Image to save it to the printer memory.
  • If it does not work correctly, make sure you followed the steps in order and that the Logo you choose it's formatted the way you want it.

Step 7:

  • Now on the left panel click on Logos & Cropping. 
  • On this screen you should see and option to "Add" logo. Click on "Add", select the picture that you want to use from the list, and then set Alignment to "Center"
  • Click "Use" to finish saving the picture to the printer memory and then "Apply Changes". 
  • With this step we are done uploading the Logo to the printer. Now we need to change some settings in Artisan. 
  • Make sure you close the Printer Utility Application.

Step 8: Setting up the printer in Artisan 

  • In Artisan go to  6) System Administration => 1) Configuration Settings => 4) Device Configuration => 1) Printers => Then choose Printer #2 which is the default for receipt printer in Artisan.


Step 9:

  • On the printer configuration screen click on Printer Name field => Browse and choose the Star TSP100 Cutter (TSP143). 

Step 10:

  • Next click on Printer Type and choose Receipt Printer(continuous roll).
  • Note: if already selected choose any other and then click again to select Receipt Printer(Continuous roll), by doing this you will get the following prompt.

Step 11:

  • On the prompt, choose Star TSP Thermal (with Auto-Cutter)

Step 12:

  • Now, all the settings you need should be correct, no more options need to be changed on this screen.  
  • Just make sure they are as the ones on the left picture and that Disable is set to N
  • Click on "Test" to test from Artisan(if it tests print from Windows, it should test print from Artisan).
  • Follow the prompts and if it works correctly click "Save" to save the settings. Go to Main Menu.

Step 13:

  • Go back to Artisan Main Menu and from there go to  6) System Administration => 1) Configuration Settings => 6) Customizing Forms & Sale Slips => 2) Sales Slip Styles => Then on this screen type "48" to look for the form we need. 
  • You should see one record similar to the one on the image below. 
  • We only need to change some settings for "Order: 1" and "# : 1".


Step 14:

  • If another form is set to Order: 1 and # 1, edit it and set it to "0", the only one that should be set to 1 on both, order and #, is the Standard 48-Column Receipt. 
  • Save and you should be done by now, just go to Cash Registeand try printing a receipt when you ring up a sale.  
  • If you do not see this same record for the printer Form File press F3 to add a new record and copy the settings on the image below. You could also add a Message to appear on the receipt on this screen.

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