Import Customer Records
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Import Customer Records

Artisan allows you to import customer records from a formatted file. On this example we are using a .CSV ( Comma Delimited) file. Artisan can also import Text (Tab delimited); .TTX (Tagged Text) or DBF (FoxPro & dBase). Follow the steps below to import customer records.


1. In Artisan go to top bar => File => Import => Select the type of records you are importing

2. Once you select an option for the type of records Artisan will prompt you to create a template for importing this type of lists. If there isn't one, you can create a new one by pressing F3.

3. This will allow to set a name for this list and tell Artisan the location of the file. We recommend having this file in C:\Artisan\filename. From this screen if you have selected a file you can press F4 and look at the fields to be imported. You can set some of them to not import.

4. When you have the reviewed the list, you can click "Next" to proceed to next screen where you get another look at the records and can edit them as well.

5. Once you are done reviewing the list, press F10 to process the list. You will get a prompt with the options for importing the new records. Choose your option accordingly to your data status, whether you want to replace you current records or not. If you have a brand new data set you may get one the following screen shots or the other.

6. After selecting you importing option, your records will be updated and you should now have all your new records in Artisan.

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