Set Artisan To READ-ONLY Mode
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Set Artisan To READ-ONLY Mode

This article shows how to set Artisan data to READ-ONLY. Magic is a tool used internally hence this article is only for CerTek internal use. 

When archiving data or setting a copy of Artisan to run along another locally as a READ-ONLY copy, it is necessary to set the data to this mode. In order to set a station in READ-ONLY mode follow the following steps.


  1. Make sure you make a backup before making any changes
  2. Go to Magic withing Artisan and do the following in the command prompt:
    • Type: sele 0
    • Press "Enter"
    • Type: sele system
    • Press "Enter"
    • Type: replace remstate with 2 
  3. Now Restart Artisan, it should be in READ-ONLY mode.

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