Merging Customers
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Merging Customer Records

This article shows how to combine customer records. There are several options available, they could be merged based on: 

  • Exact Address Matches
  • Close Address Matches
  • Sound-Alike Addresses
  • Exact Name Matches

Merging customer records will combine/merge its sales history as well. 

NOTE: Before proceeding to the next steps, it is recommended to do a BACKUP of Artisan POS data, just in case the changes may need to be reverted.

Step 1: Getting to the "Manage Customer Addresses" Menu

From Artisan Main Menu go to: 

3) Customer Information => 3) Manage Customer Addresses => 2) Locate and/or Merge Duplicate Names or Addresses

From this menu, select the option that fits your situation. 

If you select one of the options where the "address" or "name" are to be exact, make sure they really are exact before coming to this menu.

Step 2: Selecting The Records

On this article, we will merge two records by "Exact Address Matches". The same procedure applies for any of the other options we are not covering here. 

  • Select option 1) Exact Address Matches
  • Artisan will return a list with all the customers that have the same address as another record and highlight them altogether.
  • From this list, you can look at the records and compare or even press "F4" for more details before merging the records.
  • You cannot edit/change the records from this screen. If you need to make changes to customer records before merging, you need to go the "Customer Records" and then come back to merging.
  • In this scenario, we will be combining "Scenic Hudson Inc. @" into "Yellowbook". We will keep "YellowBook".

Step 3: Merging The Records

Once we know the records match correctly and we are ready to merge them then we just press "Enter" or "double-click" on the record we want to combine into another.

  • A new prompt will be shown asking what you would like to do with this selected record.

  • This new prompt will show you the records you could possibly merge it into.
  • If you have more records matching, this list will show them all as options. Then you could do one at the time.
  • Once ready, select the record you want to merge the current one into, that is, select the record you want to keep.

Record Merged

Now the record has been merged and transferred all history as well. 

If you want to merge records based on "Exact Name" or any other options, the same procedure applies, just make sure you check the records to be merged before completing the process. 

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