Payment Logistics Processing Setup for Artisan 3.5
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Payment Logistics Processing Setup for Artisan 3.5

Artisan POS 3.5.87 and later has been certified to work with the PAX EMV terminals provided by Payment Logistics.

See Also details on the PAX hardware: PAX MT30, PAX SP30

Paygistix Client software needs to be installed on one of your main POS computers. This is performed by Payment Logistics. Unless you only have one computer in your store, we recommend that you setup Paygistix Client to be in Server mode. We recommend that you choose the same computer where your Artisan data is located, usually Register 1. We only recommend installing on a back office computer IF that is a true file server, not just a more robust PC. It should be running Windows Server software.

Artisan POS 3.5 needs to also be configured. Here are the steps.

From the Artisan Main Menu: Choose 6) System Administration, 1) Configuration Settings, 1) Business & Financial Settings, 5) Payment & Tender Settings, and finally 2) Payment Processing Settings

So that's 6 - 1 - 1 - 5 - 2, you can just press the numbers on your keyboard.

The next screen will mostly be blank, except to choose your Payment Processing Program. 
Choose 7) PaygistiX Client from Payment Logistics (for EMV)

IF you can't choose a selection you may need a license key from CerTek. Please contact sales.

This is your configuration screen. Enter your server address (the IP address of the main computer where PaygistiX Client is installed. Something like 

The next fields should be provided by your account information. Don't forget to set to Enable Debit cards and EBT if appropriate.  

If you press F4 you get to additional configuration options such as settings to enable Tips (Gratuities).

Contact our support team if you need further assistance!

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