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Error 1705: File Access Denied In Procedure DELTREE

This error is related to the deletion of a backup folder within the "Temp" folder in "Drive:\Artisan\Local\Temp". For a detailed description of the problem see below.


Add the Artisan folder, "Drive:\\Artisan\", as an excluded folder to any real-time scanning software exclusion list including anti-virus, and backup software.

Detailed Description

During Database Maintenance operations like Backup, Restore, and Remote Operation, Artisan makes temporary copies of its data files. Once these operations are complete, Artisan recursively deletes these temporary folders and their contents using an internal procedure called "DELTREE". The above error most likely indicates that an external process, such as Anti-Virus or Automated Backup Software, is scanning those files while Artisan is trying to delete them.

These temporary files are in a different location, which might not have been exempted from the anti-virus or backup software that does any real-time scanning on folder/files.

The default location for temporary files and folders in 3.X is "C:\Artisan\local\temp" (or, in general, a "temp" folder within their specific "local" folder). It is recommended to include the entire "Artisan" folder in anti-virus exemptions, not just the data directory.

***Advanced: Optionally, if moving the Temp folder is necessary in order to be excluded from real-time scanning, then its location can also be overridden using the "TEMPFOLDER" property in Artisan.ini. Contact technical support if this last option is necessary. 

Info Item(s) deleted successfully.
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