Remote Operation Setup Check List
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The following tasks must be completed before automated tasks will run.

This check list should be reviewed when remotes are not working properly.

  1.  Exit Times in Artisan - Each Artisan station must be set to exit in case the user forgets to close out when they go home.
  2. User Login - You must either use one user login on the server computer or you must log into that user when you go home.
  3. Artisan.ini - Make sure that the Artisan.ini file is in the program directory (x86).
  4. Scheduled Tasks - The tasks must be scheduled properly.
    1. Computer is set to the correct time and date. We recommend using automatic time settings.
    2. Scheduled tasks are scheduled after the exit times and store closes in the proper order.
      1. Remote Send is first and done on the remote computer
      2. Remote Refresh, happens at site 001
      3. Remote Load is last and is done at the remote computer
    3. The Action is setup properly
      1. Artisan POS is referred in its proper location
      2. The syntax for the Artisan commands are perfect: Remote Send, Remote Refresh, Remote Load
      3. The path of the folder to save the remote files is perfect. Find the Dropbox path and copy and paste
    4. Proper User Name and password are stored properly (watch out for changing users and passwords!)
    5. Other scheduled task settings are set properly according to directions
    6. Determine if it is appropiate to have the user stay logged in and only run the task if logged or if it is better to run the tasks behind the sceens no matter who is logged in. Different circumatances work better one way or the other.
  5. Dropbox is setup and running properly - verify available space
  6. To diagnose issues, it is very helpful to look at the Artisan log files and see when Artisan was started and what the success or failure was.

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