Thwart Non-EMV Fraud by Prompting for Last 4 Numbers
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As of 6/1/2016, CerTek has several EMV Solutions in place for Artisan POS 3.5:  Payment Logistics, Chosen Payments, OpenEdge, and BridgePay.

Since BridgePay services all processors and each processor has to be certified, your processing company may not be ready just yet.

Click here for details.

IMPORTANT - Make this Easy Change in Artisan to Stop Fraudulent Cards before you accept them. 

From the MAIN MENU,  select System Administration -> Configuration Settings -> Business & Financial Settings -> Payment & Tender Settings -> Payment Processing Settings

Press F4 for More Info:

Change Verify Last 4 Digits to Y: This will compare the physical number on the front of the card to the number encoded in the Magnetic Stripe. This is the fraud that EMV solves and should prevent any EMV based chargebacks.


After you change this setting, clerks will be prompted to enter in the last four digits on credit cards. When you get your EMV reader, you may switch this setting back off.


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