Payment Processing Refunds - Artisan 3.5 Settings
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More and more processors are disallowing independent credits, which is when you try to give a credit without attaching a prior sale. 

Sometimes you might get this error message "Original PNRef is Required." - This means that the original transaction must be selected for the return. 

Artisan has a Smart Return feature. You should see this menu when you are doing a return. 


Once you select this from the list then you COULD be prompted to refund to the original card. This is the only way to get the PNRef that your processor now requires.


This is a PER STATION setting. From the station where you had this issue occur go to...

System Administration -> Configuration Settings -> 5) Miscellaneous Program Options

Look for the Merchandise Return Mode: 

Make sure it says Always List Prior Sales




You also need to make this setting in your Payment Processing.

Make sure that Offer to Put Refunds on Original Payment Cards for Smart Returns is set to Yes. 


Please contact CerTek support if you are still having trouble.

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